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Leadership: Why is it so important to build a strong inner confidence?

“Very few people succeed in business without a degree of confidence.”
a Harvard Business Review article on confidence-building


When it comes to defining leadership skills, a lot of words and examples come to mind. One way to get the people to think about it is to ask them which leaders they really admire and how they would describe their behaviors and qualities.

For my part, I can think of a few leaders that have influenced my life. They share some similar characteristics, and obviously, they show some singularities as well.

One quality they have in common though is a strong self-confidence.

Psychology Dictionary Online defines self-confidence as “an individual’s trust in his or her own abilities, capacities, and judgments, or belief that he or she can successfully face day to day challenges and demands.”

As a matter of fact, Leadership begins with putting yourself in the shoes of a leader and act like one. Starting with believing in the core that you are capable of being a great leader. Which means you must believe in your own capacities. Here enters in the scene your new best friend, your inner confidence. Indeed, we all need the self-confidence to make sure we can carry on with the missions and the goals we settled for.

Not always as simple or obvious as it seems.

Let me share my experience with you. But in reality, I discovered working with many leaders in the past ten years, that we all share more or less the same doubts at the beginning.

When I got offered my first team leader role, I thought that everything was going to be fine right away. But, it was completely wrong. I quite entered in a very grey and uncomfortable zone and stayed there almost one year. After a lot of struggles, one day, I opened my situation to the CEO of the company. At that moment, I allowed myself to put down my shell of invulnerability and told her what I was going through. She listened to me very carefully and just replied to me: “We choose you because of your capacities and your potential. But you are the only one able to take the job!”

Clear and simple.

Suddenly it occurred to me that I was the only one not confident enough in my own abilities and skills.

From that day on, I started to look at the situation with a new perspective and step by step everything falls into place. Self-confidence became my best friend. As a direct consequence, the team obviously saw me differently as well and started to interact and behave in a positive way, allowing all of us to move forward and reach some great successes.

Indeed, this is the beginning of the story.

Build your self-confidence up. This is the first step to become a great leader.

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