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Tired of not being recognized as a leader? How to build your leadership as a woman

With this training program, you are going to discover how to unleash your authentic, genuine and intuitive leadership as a woman. By assessing your practice as a leader and the way it impacts the teams and organizations, you are going to refine your influence.

Learn more to become the best leader you can be.

How to be Leader Your Life

Feeling powerless in your life ?  How to be the leader of your life

By taking this course, you discover that you can take back the control of your destiny. And get out of your comfort zone. This journey helps you to become the best version of yourself. By asking yourself essential questions, you find out which kind of leader you are. By assessing your life, you discover the big impact you have on your own life.

Be the leader of your life

Akali How to know yourself better

Feeling lost and confused?  How to know yourself better

This is course is dedicated to help you to assess yourself and discover what your core identity is. Ask yourself essential questions and discover who you are, what drives you and what your purpose is.

Shape your career and your life!

AKALI How to love yourself unconditionally

Not liking what you see in the mirror?  How to love yourself unconditionally

With this training program, you are going to begin a journey, discovering the best version of yourself. You embark on a self-love quest. By asking yourself essential questions, questioning your beliefs, by acting with self-compassion.

Be proud of yourself and love the woman you are.

AKALI How to Attract The partner of your dreams

Tired of being single? How to attract the partner of your dreams

We created this training program to help you discover what kind of relationship and partner you are looking for. You begin a journey of discovery by questioning yourself and assessing your previous relationships and project yourself with your future partner

Find love and attract the love you need.

AKALI How to Build Fulfilled relationship

Feeling unhappy in your love life?  How to build a fulfilling relationship

By taking this program, you are going to review your current relationship and discover what you are missing and what you are seeking for.

Create the genuine relationship you deeply want.

AKALI How To Be Great Mother

Picturing yourself as a bad mother?  How to be a great Mother

We know how much pressure you put on yourself to be a good mother to your children and what you are dealing with in your everyday life. This coaching program helps you to take some distance, review your priorities and define how to organize a multitasking and fulfilling life.

Find out the best way to be a great mother.

AKALI How to build your career

Feeling stuck in your career?  How to build up your career

Sometimes we wonder what kind of experiences we need to choose to fulfill our professional goals. With this program, we take you on a journey of discovery by asking you what you want to achieve and how to create your own path to success and a happy working life.

Build your genuine career.

AKALI How to get a dream job

Feeling unhappy at work?  How to get your dream job

We are all looking for fulfillment in our professional life. Asking yourself which kind of job suits you and what you really want to do is the most important step to go to work with pleasure and motivation.

Get your dream job.

AKALI How to be social responsible citizen

Not contributing to society?  How to be a social responsible citizen

Being part of a community helps you to feel stronger and fulfilled. You are going to question yourself about what makes sense for you and how you can commit yourself to have an impact on the society.

Be a responsible citizen and make the difference.

Each program is designed to bring the very best out of You And helps you to reach success and deep transformation in your life.