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What does financial freedom mean to you?

Women asking themselves what financial freedom mean

5 steps to get you to reflect on what financial freedom means to you. And therefore help you to start your journey towards your financial independence. ⏱5 minutes read.

Each of us has her own needs

For some, it means quit this 9to5 job and create their own businesses or start a more fulfilling activity. Some others want to never worry again about how to pay the bills. Other women would love to pay off their debts and loans. Leaving an unhappy marriage and being able to pay for the rent and expenses are motivations for others. 

There are indeed at least as many reasons and descriptions for financial freedom than women you are asking the question to. 

Yet, we could define financial freedom as a “ability for an individual to no longer be dependent on a job to live, to do what really interests him in life and to be himself. This freedom is expressed both in relation to consumption, work, time, and detachment to money itself.”

Open a new perspective

Firstable, we can clarify one point: money is one concern we all have in common! We often hear people say: «I would love to have more money» or «I would like to do whatever I want whenever I want without thinking about money».

We are all seeking for financial freedom.

Most importantly, money is what gives us the possibility to fulfill our dreams and live the life we want. What will make the difference for each and one of us is why we want money for and how we handle our finances.

And this is a personal process. And like all processes, we can follow some steps to get answers and insights.

Discover what financial freedom means to you

Inconsequence, our ability to clarify what we need and what we want is very important to gain our financial freedom. Let’s walk through the 5 steps and answer the following questions:

1 – Envision the big picture

  • How does your life look like in 20 years?
  • What big dreams do you want to achieve?

2 – Then, describe in detail the main experiences and possessions you want to have (houses, travels, restaurants, kids’ education, volunteer for an association, early retirement…) Do not focus only on expensive topics and think about the frequency as well (you may like to have a weekly massage or pay lessons to learn new languages….)

3 – Get your numbers right

  • What is the amount of money you need for each item?
  • What is the deadline for each of them?

4 – Revisit your answers and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything

5 – And, for each one, write down your objective, how much money you are going to need to make it happen, and the deadline.

Reset your focus with your financial dreams

At the end, create your financial vision board or write down. Read it every day and keep in mind that these are your dreams and it is your responsibility to make them happen. 

Financial freedom for women to gain a fulfilled life

Finally, no matter how big or crazy you think your desires are, financial freedom will help you gain security and serenity. And allow to live the life of your dreams and secure your future.

And to help you gain your financial independence, we created a coaching program, called How to gain your sustainable financial independence. It is dedicated to financial freedom and designed to address your specific needs and characteristics as a woman. It will be available soon. In this program we help you revisit your current financial situation and develop the action plans needed to make you stop worry about money and become wealthy and free. We cannot wait to see you joining us and making your biggest dreams come true! 

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Talk to you soon,

Be great!

Cathia Ziebel

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